Curb Appeal

What will compliment the front of your house?

This is quite a subjective question and there are no right or wrong answers - unless you are doing this in order to add value and sell your house.

The terrain of the front of the property allows for a wide variety of design configurations. We have opted for conserving as much of the plants as we could. However with the amount of work that had to be done this was not always easy.

Grading the garden

Digging footings and starting on the walls using the same Ambion Bricks

Building the curved retaining wall we used Rugby Extra Special Cement

The sweep and curve in the wall is to break up sharp angles and add a feature

We used blue engineering bricks over a clay tile crease to cap the walls

The front wall between the pillars is short to avoid detracting from the house

We added a sweep the Charcon Block Paving and incorporated Hepworth Drainage

We used Charcon curbing blocks to form the edges

We turfed the front lawn and used Bradstone rope-top edging around the bedding

All aggregates - hardcore, sand and the Slate chips to cover the drive were from Wildmore Aggregate






Corinthian Stone


Grange Garden Products


Ambion Bricks

Rugby Cement

Fosseway Tool Hire

Celcon Blocks

Hepworth Drainage