We have just taken the old liner and vegetation out of the pond and ordered some sand. We will dig a shelf around the edge approxinately 300mm deep and the centre portion of the pond at around 1m deep.






The old pond was over grown and leaking.

Liner and vegetation removed


The small patio next to the pond will be rebuilt with a deck

Digging out the shape of the pond and the shelves.
Filling the pond with the Blagdon Pond Liner in place
Slate shelf on the pond to provide a place to put the fountain and spot lights
Laying the gravel lining around the edges to protect the liner from the sun.
Setting the sleepers to form a retaining wall behind the pond
Pond finished using MA Direct water feature and rocks in Blagdon liner and pump/filter
Preparing the ground for the pavillion and pond deck

The Jagram Pavillion on Bradstone slabs

Installed the Jagram Bridge with the deck in the background

This is the completed area featuring Jagram Products: Swing, Loungers, Pavillion and Bridge