Take a look at the Past Projects to see what we did and Product Profiles to see what products we used to build this property.

The finished product is truly outstanding and of the highest quality.

So track the first project from demolition of the previous property...

through to a complete new build.

We have submitted some revised plans to the local planning authority on the next project house which we should be starting this summer.

Below are a couple of the sketches of the new property.

We will be using the Bradstone Weathered Cotswold Stone for the exterior dressing. This house will set between 2 houses made out of a multi (red) brick. We thought that this would make a nice contrast and allow each property a more individual look.

Whether contemplating building your own house or just making over a room it is important to be realistic on the amount of involvement you are going to have. The amount of time it takes can be a real strain however, the rewards are quite often worth it.

Did you know...

  • The majority of self builders are ABC1
  • Self builders view quality, design and location being their top 3 priorities.
  • There are approximately 20,000 self-build starts per annum .
  • 95% of self-builders actively specify the products for their projects

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